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Communicate Better with Your POS System


As the prudent owner of a Chinese restaurant or a chain of Chinese restaurants, you know how important it is to always keep an eye out for ways to streamline your operations, improve the guest experience and help your employees do their jobs despite obstacles such as a language barrier.

This is why so many Chinese restaurant owners choose Bepoz for their restaurant point of sale software needs.

Use English and Chinese

In locations where employees or customers speak English as a second language, Bepoz enables you to have items and notes print out in Chinese or both English and Chinese.

User Friendly Layouts

Our POS system lets you quickly adjust graphical table layouts to help your staff visualize the status of the restaurant at a glance, with the ability to see each table and its stage of meal service.

What’s more, you can configure different layouts for your rooms to help you more easily accommodate large parties and events.

Alert the Kitchen

With the Bepoz Chinese restaurant POS system, your servers can communicate more easily with the kitchen.

Instantly transmit orders to a kitchen printer or a kitchen display system. You’ll feel secure each order goes out because we program redundancy into the computer system to print each item on a backup printer in case the first one malfunctions.

Get More From Your POS

Whether you own a single Chinese restaurant or are in charge of an entire chain, you will quickly see the benefits of switching from the standard cash register approach to a Chinese restaurant POS system.

At Bepoz, we are devoted to helping businesses improve their operations with our state-of-the-art POS software. Restaurant owners appreciate the fact that we use a monthly subscription model for our software and do not require a long-term contract or any upfront licensing fees.

For more information about how Bepoz can help your Chinese quick service or table service restaurant with your own POS system, please feel free to contact us today.

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