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Putting in a pos system or switching from an existing system takes work. Pick us with confidence using our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Taking Good Care of Your Members

Sales Intelligence…
 Your members are vital to the success of your golf club. Bepoz understands your unique needs and seamlessly integrates features equipping you to deliver more for your members. We understand that you need to sell much more than green fees, cart fees, and retail items. Our Golf course Point of Sale (POS) Systems combine usability, mobility, and intelligence with features like automatic pricing for members or allow members to earn and redeem bonus points.

Track Everything… Keep careful track of food and beverage spending of members. Direct target marketing based on this data and SMS or Email them notifications. With Event Tracking see how much revenue was generated in food and beverage from each of your sales locations based on members who attended an event.

Thrive With Advertising… Bepoz offers a customer facing display screen that scrolls through video and graphical ad media; even while the invoice is totaling. This is great for promoting club events and relevant promotions for each sales location. On top of that, apply specific ads that display when selling specific products or when specific customers swipe their cards. Do things like schedule promotional pricing for happy hour and twilight rates. Apply surcharge pricing which can be pre-set to occur on specific days, specific times, or because it was sold on the mobile drink cart. Print promotional and reward vouchers and prizes for various spending activities. These can be put right onto the members cards and become redeemable on their account.

Restaurant and Bistro Features…Get full-featured restaurant functionality. Features like: Allowing multiple customers and/or members to pay separately while only one ticket gets sent to the kitchen or orders not being sent to Kitchen unless they have been paid for. Points can be earned and redeemed separately for each member. Speedup the wait times in the line as it can cater for flexible situations. The most beautiful part is that you can do this all from a tablet, handheld, a fixed POS System, or all the above. Bottom line…Consolidate your systems with Bepoz. Manage Restaurant Sales, Mobile Food Carts, Retail Sales, and Service Sales/Fees all in one system.

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Software Features for Golf Courses

Sell the way you need to and see every square inch of the business.

Sell Everything

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Sell Tee-Times while applying scheduled rates for green fees and cart fees. Retail sales and Restaurant Sales too!

Manage Members

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Promote membership, create in-house accounts, track spending, and create invoices with ease.

Get Mobile

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Go to where the guests are and increase sales. Tablets and Handhelds to make orders and take payment.
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