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Inventory Management

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Link to Property Systems (PMS) 

Bepoz links to most of the popular PMS systems in the world. The link is a true “Room Inquiry” that requests the name of the guest and the folio status.

Share data with the Property Management System. Allow guests pay for meals, activities, and even retail items on their room.

Inventory Management

Manage tasks such as counting inventory, generating and receiving orders, and entering transfers or wastes.

Is there a restaurant in your hotel? Bepoz POS provides the ability to track every ingredient in a recipe or dish, which in turn allows the user to better track food costs. The ability to set recipe quantities allows you to minimize waste, increase quality control and verify for variances.

This not only saves a hotel a great deal of manpower but also enables the hotel to keep important items in stock at all times.

Promoting Events and Customer Loyalty Programs 

Bepoz offers an extensive range of promotional systems.

Scheduled promotions like Happy Hour and or surcharge pricing that can be scheduled on specific days for specific times.

Vouchers and Prizes. Bepoz can assign gift cards and print promotional or reward vouchers for prizes in almost every conceivable way. A reward can be issued when a customer spends a specific amount in a single transaction, or when a progressive amount has been spent over multiple visits.

A voucher can be printed when a customer buys a specific product or range of products on promotion. Evaluate the success of promotions with the built-in reporting tools.

One System

Create different products and pricing for the various places on the property like Restaurants, Shops and Activities. Manage Resort Packages too.

One of Bepoz’s biggest features is the shared capability of having your retail and restaurant software wrapped up in one system. This helps with cost effectiveness, employee training, accounting processes, etc.

Forecasting Tools

Forecasting is the ultimate resource for anticipating the future performance of your hotel’s key metrics—occupancy, ADR (Average Daily Rate), and RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room). Forecasting future demand is crucial because it leads to an efficient planning for, and decision making to all the departments, and most importantly it is one of the drivers of pricing.

Labor Management

This tool helps track and control labor costs, along with analyzing employee efficiency. Use it to log details for payroll calculation, scheduling, tip declaration, etc.

Loyalty Features

Hotel guests are continually on the lookout for excellent service, amenities and experiences from their hotel of choice. That’s where hotel loyalty programs come into play with specialized offers, membership perks and VIP treatment. For the hotel owner, these loyalty programs can be very effective in attracting customers and encouraging them to become repeat, loyal customers.

A quality POS system can also offer features like cash management, accounts receivable, events manager and more. Call Bepoz to talk about your hotel’s needs today.

One of Bepoz’s most important features is the capability of having your retail and restaurant software combined into one system.

This helps reduce costs and speed up employee training, and improve accounting processes.

Is managing retail and resturant sales difficult with your current system?

Bepoz can make it easier.

Bepoz point of sale software is tailor-made to meet the needs of the hotel industry. Its many features and amenities make it an ideal option for international five-star hotel chains, affordable hotel chains, bed and breakfast locales, hostels, inns and other similar places of business.

This software program is easy to use, accessible, fast, efficient and thorough, making it a great option for those who want to streamline hotel operations and provide better customer service at lower cost.

Due to the unique requirements of hotels, we recommend scheduling a one-on-one call to learn how Bepoz can help grow your business.

Easy to Learn and Use

Custom workflows and a touchscreen interface makes it easy to quickly serve accurate orders.

24/7 Support

Support is available 24/7 via phone and email to ensure the maximum uptime for your business.

Advanced Reporting

Get an overview of your entire operation or examine detailed breakdowns. Access reports from anywhere – even your email inbox.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Offer special pricing, tiered loyalty programs, randomly selected bonuses, messages and more.

What Else Makes Bepoz The Best Choice?

Get a powerful and cost-effective Point of Sale system with no long term contracts to sign. Subscriptions are month-to-month and there are no upfront licensing fees. 

Low monthly payments and no long-term contract to sign. 

Unlike many retail software companies there are no upfront fees. 

Our team is always available. 

Never pay for a POS upgrade again. With Bepoz you always get the latest features and security enhancements.

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