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Restaurant Computer Systems That Make Your Business More Efficient

In a restaurant, there are few things more critical than an open line of communication between the serving staff and the kitchen. Without it, orders come out wrong, guests are unhappy and the restaurant loses money. To avoid these scenarios, it’s essential to have fully functional and high-quality point of sale (POS) software for restaurants.

Bepoz Restaurant and Cafe POS software offers this kind of comprehensive functionality and service. It allows restaurant owners to split checks, track tips or bar tabs and establish variable, special menu pricing with ease. It also allows users to create detailed reports on promotions, sales costs, inventory and waste. This kind of flexible, granular-level tracking ability allows business owners to save money by targeting inefficiencies and eliminating wasted resources.

Bepoz POS software also offers a visually appealing interface, allowing for fast identification of menu items and order modification on the fly at the point of sale. This cuts wait time for customers and prevents cash and time-wasting point of sale bottlenecks. The software features a graphical layout that allows staff to track the status of each table during every stage of food service. Multiple room layouts can be programmed in, letting the restaurant easily accommodate large parties or special events.

Along with ensuring fast service and correct orders, Bepoz POS software helps keep customers happy. It also helps keep customers coming back through the door with savvy marketing. The software allows users to create special promotions and deals while using text messages and e-mails to increase business. Bepoz POS software helps prevent dissatisfied customers by tracking table wait time and how long it’s been since a table has been serviced. Bepoz removes notorious restaurant pain points like check splitting by making the process faster and easier.

As mentioned above, kitchen communication is vital to a restaurant’s success. Bepoz POS software facilitates communication between floor staff and kitchen staff with a number of useful features. Tricky orders with multiple substitutions can be handled with ease. Orders can be cleared quickly and efficiently. Kitchen printers ensure that staff have accurate information regarding special orders and failsafe backup options are included in the system. Mobile inventory ordering is also included and comes with multilingual options.

Bepoz Restaurant and Cafe POS software offer a flexible, mobile and comprehensive point of sale system. Better software equals better service. Better service equals happier customers. Happier customers equal better business.

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